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Silver Rocket – Niagara Falls

Silver Rocket – Niagara Falls

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Silver Rocket is the name of a band led by Mariusz Szypura - songwriter, multinstrumentalist and music producer, previously the leader of Poznan-based Happy Pills. In 2001 Happy Pills suspended their activity and Szypura went on to contribute to Blimp, at the same time working on his solo project - Silver Rocket. He recorded and produced the "Electronics for Dogs" LP (2002) and "Astronauts Diary" EP (2003) himself. Both records met with enthusiastic reviews, treating listeners to a blend of acoustic sounds, subtly infused with entrancing electronics. Silver Rocket's impact on the Polish music scene was so significant that when work began on the next album titled "Unhappy Songs", various artists exploring both the indie, as well as intelligent pop genre became involved in the project. These collaborations included Artur Rojek, Kasia Nosowska, Ania Dabrowska, Novika, Wojtek Kuderski, Maciek Cieslak, Marsija, Tomek Zietek, Tomek Makowiecki, Karolina Kozak, Bogdan Kondracki, Old Time Radio, Masha Qrella. The album was released in January 2006 by the Jazzboy label, belonging to the cult producer duo Pawel Józwicki and Bogdan Kondracki. Once again Silver Rocket received widespread acclaim from critics and music fans alike. The album's main strength are distinctive beautiful romantic melodies, reminiscent of such old masters as Ennio Morricone or Serge Gainsbourg, at the same time cleverly spiced up with contemporary sounds. Moreover, the songs carry a slight touch of "Slavic melancholy". A creative blend of such diverse and original talents gave rise to a unique video for "Nothing Is Forever", directed by Miguel Nieto and featuring appearances by most of the artists working on the album. Silver Rocket has gained recognition not only on the domestic music scene, but also in the eyes of foreign artists, including such acclaimed bands as Mogwai, The Sea and Cake, Mum, Arab Strap and Masha Qrella, who continue to invite Silver Rocket to play gigs with them. Silver Rocket has just completed work on the latest release. The record entitled TESLA is a concept album inspired by the life of Nikola Tesla, an underrated genius and inventor. The songs on the new album combine retro pop with contemporary sounds and psychedelic arrangements, creating one of the most original records of the past few years. Mariusz Szypura has once again proved to be the master of beautiful "cinematic" melodies laden with refined harmonies. The end result is an unique and original album, modern, yet timeless, transporting the listeners into the world of sounds describing the life of a genius inventor. Nikola Tesla was one of 19th century's most important and most tragic figures. A genius who propelled the world into the 20th century and yet has sunk into almost complete oblivion. Some of his inventions worth mentioning include the introduction of alternating current, AC generator and AC motor, as well as laying the foundation for the construction of the radio - the invention Marconi took all the credit and, incidentally, was awarded the Nobel Prize for. In the end the US Supreme Court recognized Tesla's precedence. Unfortunately Nikola did not get to celebrate his well-deserved win - he had died before the court ruling was announced. Tesla patented over one hundred inventions, the founding stones for the construction of the radio, television, radar, remote controlled devices, neon lamps and wireless transmission of power. Upon his death all his notes were seized by the FBI. Legend has it that till this day the master's visionary theories are used by American military and space laboratories. Tesla did not attach much significance to money or to securing his patents and, consequently, ended up penniless towards the end of his life, obsessed with pigeons, lightnings and the number 3... The TESLA album has, once again, been produced and arranged by Mariusz Szypura, but apart from his songs the record also features tracks developed in co-operation with the remaining band members. Silver Rocket's line-up has now been firmly established and the band now comprises, apart from its leader Mariusz Szypura, the following regular members: Marsija (Locostar), Tomek Makowiecki, Tomek Zietek (Pink Freud, Locostar), Patryk Stawinski (ex-Homosapiens, Locostar), Marcin Majkowski (ex-Afropol). Naturally the album will not fail to feature a few special guest appearances... The latest Silver Rocket album is not only musically beautiful, but also visually stunning, with the cover design evoking classic turn of the twentieth century art typical for the period in which Nikola Tesla lived and produced his greatest inventions. The instruments used on the record are also unique and include the theremin, invented at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the flute, trumpet and violin, all run through vintage analogue tube gear dating from the 1960s or processed entirely digitally, resulting in a vivid mixture of sparkling pop/psychedelic tones and sounds. This artistically sophisticated album is certain to appeal to the most demanding music fans, but also includes tracks that carry a great promise in commercial terms. Songs bound to become instant hits are the lively and exuberant Niagara Falls, featuring Monika Brodka - reminiscent of the greatest accomplishments by the masters of soul from the 1960s and 1970s, a sweet, if a bit perverse, love duet If sung by Marsija and Tomek Makowiecki and the dark, hypnotic Edison, also performed by Marsija. The album also include a cover of Space Oddity, the cult David Bowie song. True movie buffs need no reminding that it was Bowie who has recently portrayed Nikola Tesla in the film The Prestige.

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